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Rambler's Top100

Reviews 2007

Anna Shckolnik, Columbia International College: "The Fair was well organized, and I know how much work was put in preparation of such an event".

Helen Hawari, Oxford Brookes University: "We enjoyed the experience very much although it was an exhausting schedule! We will definitely consider coming next year".

Anthony Manning, University of Reading: "I feel that it was a very useful venture".

Ben Waymire, Trinity College - the University of Melbourne: "Firstly let me start by expressing my thanks and gratitude to you personally for all your support and guidance which made my trip not only successful but also very enjoyable. This was not only my first trip to Russia but also the first visit by anyone from Trinity College/University of Melbourne. I think that there are a number of factors which make it possible to gain a share of the large student recruitment market and believe the quality and ranking of the University of Melbourne should assist in attracting students in the future".

Marion McEwing, Manager Bridging Programs, University of Canterbury, New Zealand: "I enjoyed the Direct Talk fair very much and I would very much like to take part in next year's event. Thank you again for your hospitality".

Liu-Yi Yeoh, INSERARCH Essex: "Thank you very much for welcoming us to the Direct Talk Foundation Expo. I enjoyed the trip very much, and was very happy to meet students from all the cities that we had visited".

Daya Evans, the University of Birmingham: "The event was very well organized and you looked after us all perfectly. I wanted to say thank you and to let you know that I was pleased to be part of the team on tour!".

Reviews 2006

Teresa Woodbridge, Oxford Brookes University, UK: "I found the Fairs very interesting and enjoyable and we hope to see some of the students we met in Russia at Oxford Brookes University in the future".

Luisa Brent, Wimbledon School of English, UK: "I very much enjoyed the whole trip and felt that it was all very well organized. I honestly have no criticisms at all".

Marion McEwing, Manager Bridging Programs, University of Canterbury, New Zealand: "I thoroughly enjoyed the time in Russia. I felt the fair in Moscow went really well given this was the first event. I also enjoyed the fair experience at St Petersburg, even though it was quieter. We at UC welcome the opportunity to work with you again next year".

Richard Pearson, Head of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Worcester, UK: "I very much enjoyed the experience of Russia and the friendly welcome I received. I did not find that there were unpleasant things during the weekend. I'm sure that we will be able to attend again next year".

Olive Cocoman, Insearch UTS, Australia: "I was really impressed and happy to visit Russia. I have long enjoyed travelling to different lands and meeting different people and am confident in saying that Russia had made a particularly lovely impression on me".

Yin Ping Tse, Liaison Director, Columbia International College, Canada: "Thank you very much for all your care and support! The fair has been a lovely experience. I am happy I have had the opportunity to meet my colleagues from other countries. We will definitely participate in the fair in 2007".

Jochen Pichler, European Officer, University of Birmingham, UK: "Thank you to you and your team for organising the fair. I hope the exhibition will bear some fruits in terms of recruitment".

James Link, Griffith College, Dublin, Ireland: "The Fair was great!"