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Международная выставка «Подготовительные программы для поступления в зарубежные университеты»


Обучение за рубежом


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What is the meaning of foundation?

Foundation programmes are extremely important for students who plan to study abroad. Such programmes serve as basis for a future successful career and give you the opportunity to:

  • Improve your English till the level that enables you to successfully study at the university;
  • Prepare for and pass the international language exams IELTS and TOEFL;
  • Study academic disciplines that they do not teach at Russian schools, but that are necessary for first-year students of a Western university;
  • Gain special skills such as the ability to take notes at lectures, prepare reports and essays, participate in group projects, speak in public;
  • Learn to plan your time, arrange your work and make the most of your studies;
  • Find out more about the university you are going to study at, learn its rules and customs and additional opportunities for spending your free time;
  • Get used to living in a foreign country and make new friends.

About the Fair

There were 13 representatives of the Universities of Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand taking part in the Moscow and St. Petersburg Fairs. Each of these Universities has an excellent international reputation and is considered to be prestigious in the world of education. All the participants of the Fair were glad:

  • To discuss all the details of their Universities' Foundation Programmes;
  • To provide you with the most updated information about the studying process organization and entrance requirements;
  • To demonstrate photo- and video materials so that you could get a vivid idea of the University;
  • To answer all your questions.

The Fair visitors got booklets containing information about the participating universities and some souvenirs from the organizers of the Fair. Some of the visitors participated in the lottery and won presents provided by the sponsors (dictionaries, study materials from the Longman publishing house and the British Council). Also there was a drawing of the first prize of the lottery - a free two-week English language courses at Wimbledon School of English (London), a member of the Quality English Schools. You can quickly find detailed information about the prize winners on this website. The Fair took place in Moscow (March 18, 2006) and St. Petersburg (March 19, 2006).


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Students' impressions


Name of the student: Diana Vinvalka
Nationality: Latvian and Russian
Course: Foundation Diploma for Liberal Arts 2004/5, ICELS, Oxford, Brookes University, UK

"I chose FDLA course because I believe it will improve my skills and prepare me for the real university life. The university system is different from the school system, which I just finished. Also grading and requirements for the assignments are different.
The tutors are very helpful and have interesting and well structured lectures. While being in ICELS I am feeling as part of the community, which is helpful, friendly and joyful.
Don't worry and do not be scared to leave your home country to study abroad. ICELS is a very place to study. All tutors in ICELS and also in Oxford Brookes University are very helpful and will support you in any difficult situation. You will definitely enjoy your stay here!"


Bureau for International Educational Programs Direct Talk

The Best International Foundation & University Preparation Programmes Fair organizer is the Bureau for International Educational Programs "Direct Talk", which offers the following services:

  • Selection of the most appropriate university or several universities with a good reputation according to the financial possibilities of a client and studying ability;
  • Assistance in choosing a type of courses and booking;
  • Assistance in booking economical and comfortable accommodation;
  • Correspondence with the universities or language schools on behalf of a client;
  • Preparing the client for an interview at the embassy;
  • Filling in application forms;
  • Assistance in visa procedures;
  • Assistance in tickets and transfers booking;
  • Solving tutorship questions for the under age customers;
  • Assistance and support while the customer studies abroad;
  • and much more…